We acknowledge that past Coventry Photography Society members, were keen photographers, good friends and brought a lot to our club. Members who are no longer with us are fondly remembered here together with examples of their photographic work.

Arthur Wainwright (1911 - 1998) was an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and a member of Coventry Photographic Society from the 1950’s. He was generally regarded as a top-class printer and he had prints accepted in many national and international exhibitions. He was skilled in monochrome and colour printing and he developed a unique style of printing using lith masks. His enlarger was bolted to a bench and he devised his own system of registration which enabled him to use his masks with extreme precision.


It should be remembered that Arthur’s era was “pre-digital” and yet the results he achieved would have severely challenged the best of today’s photoshop users.

A selection of Arthur Photographs can be seen by following this link

arthur wainright photographer
3-arthur w_edited.jpg