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Some of our 2022 competition winners 

Lime Swallowtail_Terry Bailey

Staircase_Marjorie Bivins

The Fishmonger_Marjorie Bivins

Pool of Light_John Morgan.jpg

Pool of Light_John Morgan

Peck's Skipper Paired Terry Bailey

TPeck's Skipper Paired_Terry Bailey

Nymphalidae B'Fly_Terry Bailey

Clowning Around_Dawn Fitzgerald.jpg

Clowning Around_Dawn Fitzgerald

The Tower_Terry Bailey.jpg

The Tower_Terry Bailey.

Alone_John Morgan.jpg

Alone_John Morgan


Halloween _Janet Ivers

Kirby Hall_Marjorie Bivins

Coventry Night Whittle Arch and Spire_David Honey

Fooling Around_John Morgan.jpg

Fooling Around_John Morgan

Coventry Lower Precinct Night _David Honey

Coventry Night Old Cathedral _David Honey

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