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photo by J.Ivers ARPS AIS

​  Committee Members:

  • Hon President:  John Plevin,

  • Vice President:  John Morgan ARPS DPAGB        

  • General Secretary:  Terry Bailey CPAGB   

  • Treasurer:  Steve Chetwynd         

  • Acting Programme Secretary:  Terry Bailey CPAGB   

  • Competition Secretary: Terry Bailey CPAGB  

  • Election of Delegate for MCPF:  Marjorie Bivins

  • Folio Secretary: Janet Ivers ARPS AIS

  • Publicity Officer: Terry Bailey CPAGB  

  • Webmaster / facebook: Janet Ivers  ARPS AIS 

  • Council Members:    Nicola Cawthorne

                                       Roger Neal

                                       Roger Wagstaff



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