Jeremiah Martin Danks 1847 - 1886

He was a watch jeweller who lived in Moor(e) St Earlsdon. He was approximately 36 when the Club was founded but records show that he died just three years later at the age of 39.


Joseph Innis Bates

From newspaper archives [1] reporting on the Society's AGM held in March 1904 we have established that Joseph Bates was a Vice President of the Society and continued in that role in 1905.

In 1889 Joseph Bates became Head Master of the New Bablake Schools which had just been built in Coundon Road

He was an Alderman and held the position of  Mayor of Coventry both in 1918 and 1919.

He was philanthropic by nature giving a generous donation (in 1929) to the newly built St Barbara's Church in Rochester Rd Earlsdon which enabled the purchase of 50 chairs.  As part of the ground breaking ceremony to mark the start of the construction of the new Church the first sods were cut by Alderman Bates and Messrs Corbett, Johnson and Meadow, all members of the Parochial Church Council.

Joseph contributed funds to enable the building of the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and has a meeting room there  named in his honour.

John Kemp Starley 1877 - 1907

He was reported in the same newspaper article (as Joseph Bates) to be a Vice President of the Society  in 1904. He was the the son of John Kemp Starley who was the inventor of the modern Rover bicycle.

He was a director of both J K Starley & Co and The Rover Company which manufactured motor cars.

W Riley [2]

A director of the Riley Cycle Company and Riley (Coventry) Ltd which manufactured motor cars. 

Charles Vernon Pugh JP 1869 - 1921 [2]

Both Charles and his wife were members of the Society in 1906 and he lived in Radford House, Coventry which later became the Radford Hotel and is currently the site of the Aldi Supermarket. 

In 1887 he founded the Whitworth Cycle Co. Ltd and in 1894 it amalgamated with Rudge Co. Ltd., which was based in Coventry and he became chairman in 1905.

He was also chairman of the Lanchester Motor Co. Ltd., from its foundation in 1899, and the chairman of C. H. Pugh, Ltd., Birmingham, from 1902.

He was President of the Coventry Chamber of Commerce in 1903-1905, and became a Justice of the Peace in 1906, in which year he was elected a member of the Coventry City Council.

Steve & Chris Simmonds


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